Short CV of Gennadi I. Malaschonok

Home address: 161-A Yuzhnaya, 392021 Tambov, Russia
Phone: 7(0752) 72-72-36

Education and degrees:

Doctor of physical-mathematical science, Moscow State University.
Thesis: Matrix computational methods over commutative rings in computer algebra.
Candidate of physical-mathematical science (Ph. D.), Kiev State University.
Thesis: Systems of linear equations in commutative rings. Advisor V.V.Kirichenko.
Mathematical Dep., Lvov State University,mathematician.
Dep. of Electrophysics, Lvov Polytechnic Institute,semiconductor and electronic devices.

Professional Experiences:

Head of the Laboratory of Algebraic Computations in the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics,Tambov State University.
Professor of Department of Mathematical Analysis, Tambov State University.
Dotsent (Associate Professor), Tambov State University, Chair of mathematical analysis, Chair of computer and mathematical simulation.
Senior lecturer, High Aviation Engineer School, Dep. of mathematics.
Senior Scientist, Kiev State University, Dep. of Cybernetics.
Senior Scientist, Institute for Applied Problems of Mech.& Math., Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Dep. of Nonlinear Analysis.
Senior Engineer-designer at Phys.-Mechanical Institute, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
Engineer-programmer, Lvov Polytechnic Institute, Dep. of Scientific Researches.

Recent Research Grants:
- Russian Foundation of Basic Research, 16-07-00420-г (2016-2018).
- Russian Foundation of Basic Research, 12-07-00755-г (2012-2014).
- IBM Country Project. Cloudy computations for scale symbolical-numerical calculations. (№09-11-700, 11.02.2011).
- Ministry of Education, AVCP 2.1.1/10437 (2011).
- Russian Foundation of Basic Research, 10-01-06045-г (2010).
- Ministry of Education, AVCP 2.1.1/1853 (2009-2010).
- Russian Foundation of Basic Research, 08-07-97507a (2008).
- Russian Foundation of Basic Research, 04-07-90268в (2003-2006).
- Universities of Russia, 04.01.051 (2004-2005).
- Human Capital Foundation 23-03-24 (2004).
- Ministry of Education, E 02-2.0-98 (2003-2004).
- Russia Foundation of Basic Research, 02-01-10739 (2002).
- National Scientific Scholarship (2000-2003).
- Mathematica Visiting Scholar Grant (2000-2001).
- U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation, TGP-352 (2000).
- International Science Foundation and Russian Government, JC 7100(1995).

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