Parallel Computer Algebra Applications

at ACA'2012 to be held June 25-28, 2012 in Sofia, Bulgaria

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The session topics include but not restricted to:

  • use of parallel computer algebra in all areas of application
  • new algorithms and adaptation of existing serial algorithms for parallel computer algebra
  • computer algebra systems specifically designed to exploit and operate in multiprocessor environment
  • parallel methods for solving systems of differential equations
  • parallel methods for Groebner basis computation
  • parallel algorithms for linear and polynomial systems
  • parallel computations in computer algebra systems and Web services for a parallel computer algebra


Presentations will be accepted based on an abstract. Please send a copy of your abstract in text or PDF to the session organizers. Selected full-length papers from this session will appear in a special issue of Tambov University Reports. The proceigings of "Parallel Computer Algebra-2010" conference was published in this journal. We ask authors to submit a full paper in Latex and PDF. Detailed instructions will be send to the authors of accepted talks.

Important Dates:

Abstracts Due -- May 20

Notification of acceptance -- May 30

ACA Conference -- June 25-28

Full-length papers due -- September 10


28 June 2012

Session Chair : G. Malaschonok

10:30 Michael Monagan, Roman Pearce. POLY: A new polynomial data structure for Maple 17.

11:00 Stephen Watt. Parallel Computing in Mathematical Character Recognition.

11:30 Ilias Kotsireas. Challenging combinatorial problems emanating from autocorrelation.

12:00 Shutaro Inoue, Yosuke Sato. On parallel computations of Boolean Groebner bases for combinatorial problems.

12:30 Lunch

Session Chair : S. Watt

14:00 Malaschonok N.A. Parallel solving systems of linear differential equations with impulse coefficients using Laplace transform.

14:30 Malaschonok G.I.Parallel computer algebra "Mathpar".

15:00 Rybakov M.A. Parallel computation of general solution of system of ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients.

15:30 Coffee break

16:00 Borisov I.A. About one matrix approach to parallel constructing of Groebner bases.

16:30 Betin A.A. A parallel algorithm for modular calculation of an adjoint matrix in the polynomial ring.


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