International Conference on

Parallel Computer Algebra 2010

Tambov State University, Tambov, Russia

June 29 - July 3, 2010

The subject of parallel computation in the area of computer algebra has become one of growing theoretical and practical interest.  This summer, Tambov State University will host the Parallel Computer Algebra 2010 conference to provide a venue for work in this increasingly important and exciting area.   Submissions of original research papers are invited in all areas in the extension and development of parallel computer algebra and parallel symbolic computation. 


The general areas of interest include

  • all aspects of parallel algorithms for computer algebra
  • software techniques for parallel computer algebra systems
  • applications of parallel computer algebra in all fields
  • use of computer algebra to design parallel algorithms or software in other areas.

Examples of particular topics include, but are not limited to,

  • parallel polynomial computation
  • parallel algorithms for symbolic linear algebra, matrix operations and linear systems

  • parallel methods for solving systems of differential equations

  • parallel methods for Groebner basis computation

  • parallel algorithms in combinatorics and cryptography

  • parallel algorithms in computational algebraic geometry

  • complexity of parallel computer algebra algorithms

  • reinvention and adaptation of existing symbolic algorithms to a parallel setting.


The conference invites submission of research articles in the areas of the meeting.  Articles must be in English and not more than 12 pages using the IEEE conference style.  Articles must present original research results and not be submitted for publication elsewhere.  Authors are to submit their work by uploading a pdf file using the EasyChair system at the web site, .  

Authors who wish to present new aspects or a survey of earlier work are invited to submit an extended abstract of up to 4 pages for an informal presentation.   Abstracts of informal contributions will not be included in the formal proceedings.

Important Dates

Deadline for submission 2 April 2010.

Notification of acceptance 5 May 2010.

Deadline for final version 25 May 2010.


Organizing Committee

General Chair and PC Co-Chair: Gennadi Malaschonok, Tambov State University, Russia
PC Co-Chair: Gene Cooperman, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
PC Co-Chair: Stephen M. WattUniversity of Western Ontario, Canada
Local Arrangements Chair: Natalia Malaschonok, Tambov State University, Russia

 Program Committee
Yuri Blinkov, Saratov State University, Russia, 
Gene CoopermanNortheastern University, Boston, USA, 
James H. Davenport, University of Bath, UK,
Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Université Joseph Fourier, France,
Vladimir Gerdt, Dubna, JINR, Russia,
Jeremy Johnson, Drexel University, USA,
Erich Kaltofen, North Carolina State University, USA,
Tony Kennedy, University of Edinburgh, UK,
Viktor Levandovskyy, Aachen University, Germany, 
Gennadi MalaschonokTambov State University, Russia, 
Marc Moreno Maza, University of Western Ontario, Canada,
Aleksandr Myllari, Turku University, Finland, 
Dana Petcu, Western University of Timisoara, Romania,
Alexander Tiskin, Warwick University, UK,
Nikolay Vasiliev, PDMI RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia,
Stephen M. WattUniversity of Western Ontario, Canada,  
Alexey Zobnin, Moscow State University, Russia.

Local Arrangements Committee

Andrey Betin, Alexey Lapaev (web-master), Natalia Malaschonok, Oxana Pereslavtseva (secretary), Maxim Starov.


The conference registration fee of 200 Euro covers 


Questions may be addressed to organizers at the e-mail address <> .

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