Ivan Borisov

Office location: Komsomolskaya pl., 5, room, 410. Laboratory of Algebraic Computations
Phone: +7(920)499-8779 (mob)

E-mail: ivan@iborisov.ru.

I. Borisov Objective:
Area of interests:
parallel computer algebra.
M. S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Tambov State University named after G.R.Derzhavin, 2011.
Qualification: Mathematician, system programmer.
Thesis: Computation of Gröbner bases.
Recent Research Grants:
- IBM Country Project. Cloudy computations for scale symbolical-numerical calculations.(№09-11-700, 11.02.2011).
- Ministry of Education, AVCP 2.1.1/10437 (2011).


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