ACA 2006 (Varna Bulgaria) nbsp;

Session of Parallel Computer Algebra


Gennadi Malaschonok (Tambov State University, Russia)

The goal of the session is to provide a forum for developers of parallel methods, algorithms and software in the field of Computer Algebra.

Session topics

The session topics include but not restricted to:

  • reinvention and adaptetion of existing highly sophisticated symbolic algorithms to a parallel setting
  • computer algebra systems specifically designed to exploit and operate in multiprocessor environment
  • parallel methods for solving systems of differential equations
  • parallel methods for Groebner basis computations
  • parallel algorithms for solving linear and polynomial systems

For suggesting a talk, please contact the session organizers to May 30.


  • Alkis Akritas*, Gennadi Malaschonok**
    *Phessaly University, Volos, Greece
    **Tambov State University, Tambov, Russia
    Parallel computation of adjoint matrices
  • Natasha Malaschonok,
    Tambov State University, Tambov, Russia
    Solving differential equations by parallel Laplace method with assured accuracy