Unfortunately, university's guesthouse is not available. You can book yourself a room in a hotel in Turku (check prices yourself, please), e.g.

Hotel Centro
(appr. 7 minutes walk to the conference site)
Scandic Julia

Travel information

By air

Turku has an international airport with several daily connections to Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. A large number of airlines offer flights to Turku through one of these three hubs. The airport is 8km from Turku ( location on the map) with regular local bus connections to the centre (timetable). The bus takes about 20 minutes and costs 2 euro. There is also an airport taxi. As an alternative, you can fly to Helsinki which is about 170km from Turku. There is a direct bus connection between the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and the center of Turku. The bus takes about 2h30m, costs 26 euro, and the timetable can be found here.

By sea

If you feel adventurous, you can fly to Stockholm and take one of the large cruise ships that sail twice a day between Turku and Stockholm. The cruise is a great experience and you can also visit Stockholm at the same time. The cruisers are operated by Silja Line and Viking Line.

By land

From St. Petersburg — by direct bus to Turku, or by train to Helsinki and continue from Helsinki by train or by bus.
From Moscow — by train.

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